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Experienced working with Hardware Coops (ie. Ace, True Value and Do It Best), Distributors (ie. Arett, L & L Nursery Supply and Fosters) as well as Independent Hardware and Garden Centers across America. 


This experience allows us to direct:

  • Line Review Presentations

  • Pricing and Trade Program Design

  • Consumer and Trade Promotions

  • Trade Shows

  • Merchandising

Independent Hardware Stores


With over a decade of working with Hardware Stores to grow their business, we can bring you ideas and tricks to make your jobs easier. The manufacturers and your own Coops want you to succeed, now it is time to take advantage of what they are willing to offer.


  • Cooperative Ad Funds.  This is free money that we will leverage.

  • Promotions.  Taking advantage of a point of differentiation.

  • Merchandising.  What is the best way to sell product and save

  • Partnerships.  Whether manufacturers or other stores, work together to drive traffic into YOUR store

  • Sku assortment.  Gross Margin Doesn't Always Equal More Profits

  • Customer Service.  What it is and how to use it to your benefit

  • There are core requirements for success, but what else is there?



Having worked with most of the Lawn & Garden Distributors while with Scotts Miracle-Gro, we know what manufacturers want and need from distributors.  Allow us to use that knowledge to help you provide a complete business plan for you and your retail partners.


Areas that we can help distributors improve:

  • Leveraging manufacturer promotions

  • Driving footsteps into the Independent Retailer

  • Using manufacturer ad fund for your retailers

  • How to get the most out of vendor salespeople

Independent Garden Centers


Just because you do not have the leverage of a Hardware Coop or Corporate Chain doesn't mean you cannot compete with all the other retailers.  IGCs are unique and using this to your benefit is why the world is not about to end.


  • Live goods are what makes you special, but it isn't all you can do.

  • Using manufacturer tools to drive profitable sales.

  • Using the Distributor Sales Rep (DSR) to work for your store.

  • Customer Service.  What it is and how to use it to your benefit.

  • Why are Independent Hardware Stores succeeding while many IGCs are going out of business.  Learn from their hard work.

  • Assortment is important, but not in every category.

  • How to use national brands.

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